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Combine Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising campaign automation, insights and optimisation. Get measurable results, engage with your customers on social media and grow your online business with digital advertising!

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Lead potential customers to purchase on your website

Create, manage and optimise advertising campaigns on Instagram, Facebook and Google to increase traffic to your website. Boost conversions and grow your business!

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"From never running any lead generation campaigns at all, to getting stunning conversion results through The Next Ad's multi channel campaign creation tool"

Engage with your Customers at scale

Easily manage your conversations on all your social media channels through one single dashboard. Stay updated on what matters to your customers.

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See what moves the needle

Understand what drives your Business' growth. Get actionable insights on the performance of your Facebook, Google and Instagram campaigns.

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"Insights through Analytics let us optimise our advertising strategies, leading to multi channel strategies with an increase of 150% in ROAS."

  • "The optimisation algorithm reduced our time spent on campaign management by 30%, saving us hours every week. Now we have more time to focus on the strategy beyond our advertising. Combined with the user-friendly interface, The Next Ad improved our workflow even more."

  • "The combination of The Next Ad's expertise and tech, enabled us to increase our sales by 205% on Facebook and Instagram. With their tailored services, we very much exceeded our goal of increasing sales internationally."

  • "The Next Ad proved to deliver great service and helped us to roll out our social strategy for not only Discovery Channel, but also TLC, ID and Eurosport. We are sure to keep an ongoing partnership with The Next Ad and keep on using their managed services and their expertise in the future."

    Lead potential customers to purchase on your website

    Self-Service Tools

    Seeking for a tool to help you scale your digital advertising, customer engagement or get insights in your online performances? We've got you covered.

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    Managed Services for Multi Channel Expertise

    Working with various and the world's best brands, we've seen what works. Finding the best balance and performance through Multi-Channel Strategies.

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    Customer Stories to proof it

    You don't have to take us on our words. Customers such as Heineken, Takeaway, IPG Mediabrands and Loavies proved it. Just read our customer stories.

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