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Analytics & Reporting

Track the performances of your campaigns and analyse your results in the most comprehensive way possible.

Benchmark Your Data

Compare past and present campaigns, periods and performances by building your own benchmark report.

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Real-Time and Historical Data

Use dashboards that consist of continuously updated data and never miss out on any performance measurement.

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Optimise your Campaign Strategy

Measure the results from your performances and use them to improve your next step!

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Share reports with others

Simply share real-time results with your team ore easily export data for an offline shareable report.

Easy-To-Use Reporting Dashboards

Use our reporting dashboards and instantly benefit from a clear and efficient data overview.

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Integrate both Google and Social Data

Have access to reports of both your Google and Social campaigns, within one dashboard!

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No expertise required

Use Pre-Build Customisable Templates

No experience or don't feel like creating your own dashboard? Benefit from our 7 pre-made report templates!

Customer Engagement Manager

Engage with your audience through our conversation dashboards. From comments on your organic posts to private messages untill comments on your social advertising.

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