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The Next Steps for Ads on Instagram

We got a lot of questions about the progress of advertising on Instagram. What about the API for Ads on Instagram and which advertisers are able to use the Ads on Instagram? This powerful mobile platform offers many advertisers a lot of opportunities.

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Sanne Kruis ,Marketing Manager at The Next Ad


Facebook Bidding Guide: How to use CPM, CPC, oCPM & CPA

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the best way to setup a bidding strategy for Facebook campaigns. By default ad campaigns on Facebook run using oCPM.

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Company Update

Conditional Publishing

We launched a new Facebook advertising feature in The Next Ad which allows you to (re)act on external data such as your product feed, the weather conditions or stock market results.

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4 Essentials for Great Facebook Video Campaigns

Over four billion videos are watched on Facebook each day. Video is an excellent way to reach your target group with sound, visuals and motion. Today we’ll give you 4 ways to create a great Facebook video campaign.

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