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4 Unique Ways To Conduct Customer Research In 2021

The more you know about your customers, the better. This truism has always driven the biggest brands out there. That they inspire such devotion is a testament to their deep understanding of what their target audiences want. But the process of gathering relevant information isn’t easy, nor is it obvious. There are myriad routes that can deliver results, and not enough resources for them all — even if you’re fortunate enough to have an uncapped budget. To get ahead, you need to be selective. So how should you proceed?

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Rodney Laws ,Editor at Ecommerce Platforms

Company Update

The Next Ad Ranked #1 in Emerce100 Social Software

For the fifth year in a row, we’re very proud to share that we have been ranked #1 for the Emerce100 Social Software! We’re truly honored to be listed as the best social software company in The Netherlands and would love to thank our customers and partners for all their trust!

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SEO Internal Linking: 3 Internal Link Strategies For SEO Growth

Your on-page strategy and blogging have never been more important. That is the one I’d like to really hone in on today, as it appears to be the one that is giving online businesses the most trouble. On-page SEO has been an essential ranking factor for well over a decade at this point. However, with algorithmic changes remaining an ever-present reality, we are still seeing confusion as to why an on-page strategy from 2015 is no longer providing the same benefits that it once did.

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Industry Update

Everything you need to know about Facebook’s Conversions API

With the growing concerns and developments surrounding users' privacy and data protection, software developers like Apple and Google are in the process of taking steps to limit the tracking of third-party cookies. Check out this blog to find out what the consequences of Apple’s iOS 14 update will be for advertisers, and how to prepare for this with i.a. integrating Facebook’s Conversions API.

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