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Optimising social content and targeting

Discovery Network's brand vision is all about making the world bigger by satisfying curiosity with relevant content. With our managed services, it could optimise its social content production and drop its CPM below one Euro.

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"We are growing and scaling our business significantly. That’s why we were looking for a partner who’s innovating constantly and is willing to help us implement new innovative solutions to reach the most specific audiences with the most specific ads."

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"We started looking for a platform that could fit our needs. A platform with solid bulk editing functionalities would reduce our manual labor significantly. Apart from this, a powerful automated goal-optimization algorithm and lastly, a flexible and ambitious partner who wants to work together with us to achieve our goals."

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"'By constantly looking for the newest solutions and developments in terms of advertising, we were able to grow and scale our business in the Netherlands and enter the market in Germany."

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How businesses scale their Performance and Workflows with The Next Ad

From small businesses to the largest brands in the world. The Next Ad helps business owners and teams achieve great performance in the most efficient way with its combination of their own built Technology and Expert Services.

"By using The Next Ad we've reached 25% better results for our campaigns in comparison to our advertising strategy before. We’re able to get the best results out of our budget using automatic optimisation and on top of that our workflow has been simplified a lot."

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"By using the right combination of social data and optimisation algorithms, we have managed to save time in optimisation by 30%. Saving us hours every week. On top, we also have seen 10-30% more efficient media efforts."

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