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Ad Scheduler

Schedule Ads to be launched in the future and get your campaign planning completely on point.

Easily plan your Social Ad Campaigns

Specify in which days and times you want your ads to run beforehand and decrease manual work!

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Gain personal insights

Reduce costs by identifying the most lucrative time frames for your ads.

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User-friendly with easy set-up

Simply enter a start/end date & time and your campaign is good to go.

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"We work with in-house experts for many different brands for the best exposure and results from (online) marketing activities. To achieve these results, it is important to use the right, smart technology for optimisation and automation, but also to help us optimise the strategy and utterances using A/B and multivariate testing."

Control your own planning

Schedule social ad campaigns ahead of time so you know what you're up to.

Save valuable time & effort

Allocate your time more effectively by no longer manually managing the duration of your campaigns.

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Reach your audience at any moment

Never be limited to working hours and leverage the possibility to target your customers at all necessary times!

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Easy set-up

No expertise required

Determine the optimal timing for your ads

Obtain historical data on your ad performances for future reference!


State-of-the-art optimisation features which can help you invest your budget in the best performing campaigns, audiences and ads.

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