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State-of-the-art optimisation features which can help you invest your budget in the best performing campaigns, audiences and ads.

Optimise on Custom Metrics

With The Next Ad, you have the option to use or create custom metrics by simply integrating existing metrics into a new one!

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Performance-Driven Optimisation

We trust in technology and smart algorithms. Automatic optimisation increases efficiency and campaign performance!

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Best in Class Technology

Benefit from our 5+ years of experience in data and in building social software that profitably scale online ad campaigns which has proved to help businesses grow!

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"Our focus is to innovate our service into mobile-first and reach people while they are, for example, driving home. Facebook advertising drives us closer to the right audience at the right time."

Find Your Best Performing Ad Creatives

Automatically rotate & optimise ad creatives to find your best performing one with our Ad Fatigue Optimisation engine!

Stay in Full Control over Campaign Budgets

With Cross-Campaign Optimisation, you will be in control of your advertising budgets on campaign level, while optimising across multiple campaigns.

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Invest Your Budget in Best-Performing Audiences

Use our Hyper Optimisation algortihm to automatically shift budgets, rotate ad variations and to find the best performing one, based on real performances.

Analytics & Reporting

Track the performances of your campaigns and analyse your results in the most comprehensive way possible.

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