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Data-Driven Ad Tech

Improve the performance and efficiency of your social advertising campaigns! With The Next Ad's Data-Driven Ad Tech, you can manage and improve complex campaigns quickly using bulk functions and automated optimisation.

Use our unique optimisation tools

Our optimisation algorithm automatically optimises campaigns by moving the budget to the best performing target groups, advertisements and prevents ad fatigue through to ad rotation!

Easily create dynamic target groups

Continuously create custom audiences for retargeting campaigns and automate the creation process of similar audiences for personalised prospecting campaigns.

Flexible and scalable services tailored to your specific needs

Easily make use of our targeted service packages and take advantage of consultation hours with our certified social advertising specialists!

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"''As a media holding, we work with in-house experts for many different brands, in order to obtain the best exposure and results from (online) marketing activities. The Next Ad has this same mission, but then in the field of Advertising Technology. In order to achieve these results, it is important to use the right, smart technology for, among other things, optimisation possibilities, but also to help us optimise the strategy and utterances using A/B and multivariate testing.''"

Richard Smoorenburg, IPG Mediabrands

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