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Social Media Advertising

Boost your audience's engagement on social media and reach more people than just your followers! Our certified Facebook & Google advertising experts will help you identify and act on your business' opportunities!

Increase conversions and generate more brand awareness

With a specifically coordinated social media strategy, you'll be able to communicate the right message, to the right target group, in the right phase of the customer journey and generate loyal customers.

Increase your business' online visibility

Reach relevant target groups for your product or service through the right social channels, at the right times, even if they are not actively looking. Increase engagement and brand awareness for your company!

Flexible and scalable services tailored to your specific needs

Work together with our team of certified specialists on a solid social media advertising strategy, tailored to your company's specific needs and opportunities.

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"''With the help of The Next Ad, we have now obtained full and actionable insights into our performance on all our social media channels based on real-time and historical statistics.''"


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