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Boost your webshop with Google Shopping Ads

Increase the sales of your products. Integrate your webshop with the Shopping Autopilot and let us run the campaigns for you. Easiest way possible!

Get more customers and grow your webshop with Google Shopping Ads

Create, manage and optimise your Google Shopping Campaigns fast & easily

Benefit from the Free Google Shopping Tool to launch and improve your Google Ads strategy

Sit back and relax

Create an account with us and complete the account setup. Only click "continue account setup" and we start running while you lay back and just wait till we completed your set up. This may take a minute to fetch all your information from your Shopify shop. As a bonus of choosing us, we provide you with free Advertising Credit in your second month of advertising with us.

Shopping Campaigns Generation

Automated generation of Google Shopping Ads campaigns based on your products and categories.

Tracking and Reporting

Plug and play. Insertion of Google Ads Conversion Code and Remarketing tag for a perfect campaign tracking and performance reporting.

Boost Sales

Your Shopping Ad Campaings will reach the right people, at the moment they're searching for the products you offer. Boost your Webshop's Sales.

Easily set up your account from Shopify

Select Shopping Autopilot as your campaign creation and management solution to run Shopping campaigns on Google. Easily from the Shopify marketplace.

Publish your campaign in 3 seconds

Set your budget, select the location you would like to run your Shopping campaigns in and GO. No campaign input fields such as images, descriptions, links. We all got this! Just go...

Get started

Keep track of your Campaign performance

Your product performance can be found all in one clean and clear overview. Easily filter on product name or status and get insights on how your campaigns bring you new business.

Boost your Google Ads Performance

With the Apps of The Next Ad. The proof is in the pudding.

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The Next Ad Shopping Autopilot

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> €2,500 spend/mo

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Free trial

Easy set-up

No expertise required

4 Fast & Easy Steps to Get Started

Get your very first Shopping campaign live in minutes

Connect your Shopify account

Visit the Shopify App Store to select The Next Ad Shopping Autopilot and connect your account with us

Create your Ad account with us

Let us help you to create a Google Ad Account to run your Shopping Ad Campaigns with

Complete your account set up

Easy peasy. Let us complete your account set up while you lay back and relax. We will check if everything is ready to go!

Publish your very first campaign

Create your very first Shopping campaign, just set your budget and country of advertising and go! Ready to boost your sales.

Connect your Shop

Get your account set up started and publish your very first campaign with Shopping Autopilot

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Frequently asked questions

This is for you if...

You are a webshop owner, using the Shopify platform, selling a product wanting to publish your very first ever shopping campaign, but have never set up the requirements (doesn't own either a Google Ad Account or MCA)

You are a webshop owner, using the Shopify platform, wanting to promote your upcoming sales for different product categories, but wants to use a very easy to use tool instead of Google's own platform

You are a webshop owner, using the Shopify platform, selling products, who have been using our Google Search Autopilot but has now subscribed to Shopping Autopilot too to setup Shopping campaigns (using our managed ad account setup but doesn't have a MCA yet)

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