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  • Customer Engagement & Management

    The best way to engage with your target audience on Social Media

    Easily manage your conversations on all your social media channels through one single dashboard. Stay updated on what matters to your customers.

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    8000+ companies, big and small, leverage The Next Ad for growth

    Customer Stories

    "The platform has helped us to drive engagement and increase brand awareness, as we are now able to gain complete and actionable insights into our social media performances on all our channels based on real-time and historical statistics."

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    "The Next Ad's team of digital experts and their social advertising technologies, helped us digitally transform our operations and achieve the best possible results with the budget we had."

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    What makes our advertising solution different

    The Next Ad connects to all the social media channels you love

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  • Insights for the Win

    Insights for the Win

    Understand what drives your Business' growth. Get actionable insights on the performance of your Facebook, Google and Instagram campaigns.

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    Advanced reporting dashboards

    No deep knowledge required. Automatic campaign creation and optimisation.

    Multi Channel Reporting

    Easy full funnel campaign creation guarateed. Automate workflows and increase efficiency.

    Efficient campaign management

    Struggling with the creation and management of all your various campaigns? We've got your back! Our bulk creation and management features are built for your case.

    What makes our advertising solution different

    Actionable insights

    Easily benchmark your own data and obtain insights that you can use to optimise your campaign strategy on. Benefit from ready to go templates, available real-time data, custom KPI’s and exclusivity among other Partners.

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    UTM Tag Builder made easy

    Having difficulties to get your campaign assets performance on for example Google Analytics? Benefit from our built-in automatic UTM Tag Builder. Templates are automatically created for you. Adjust according to your preference and have one single point of truth.

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    Easy Workflows & Management

    A platform built to save you time and increase efficiency. Adjust multiple campaigns or assets easily in bulk. Integrate a workflow to have someone reviewing campaigns before its launch and simplify campaign management for different brands by leveraging brand management. Allowing you to combine ad accounts and pages into brands and manage them separately in one environment.

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    All-in-one Reporting

    Connect your accounts to our reporting dashboards for an all-in-one overview of your Marketing activities

    Easily connect your Facebook and Instagram campaign insights through our exclusive connection

    Benefit from one single overview and connect your Google Ads performance

    Get a 360 view and connect Google Analytics or any other data source for organic traffic and more

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