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Reducing costs and increasing conversion rates with The Next Ad

How The Next Ad Helped Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket Run Their Google Campaigns

After working closely with The Next Ad’s Services Team, Amsterdam Nightlife Tickets didn’t just manage to successfully increase their conversion rate, they also succeeded in reducing the Cost per Conversion whilst significantly increasing the number of clicks. Read on for all the details!

What Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket Is All About

The nightlife here in Amsterdam is undoubtedly one of the finest in Europe and possibly one of the best in the world! From concerts to nightclubs and from pubs and bars to big festivals, this city has a lot to offer for people who love to party! Looking for a good deal and not exactly sure where to head out? That’s where Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket comes in! Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket has pulled together one ticket to experience the best of the best that Amsterdam has to offer.

Specifically targeting the Nightlife tourists they have assembled packages and tours that include just about everything you will need to enjoy the full experience. And having recently expanded their operations to both London and Barcelona as well, the sky is the limit!

Expanding to Barcelona and London...

It all started when Amsterdam Nightlife Tickets decided to expand its operations to two other popular touristic and party destinations: London and Barcelona. The biggest challenge they faced with this expansion was setting up a large number of campaigns in very little time, leading to a chaotic and stressful workflow that did not always prove to be as fruitful as had been hoped. A lack of insight and the absence of an overall structure meant that ANT needed to go out and find a solution. What was needed was the creation of an organised structure for Amsterdam, London & Barcelona in order to create a solid foundation for the different brand that they offer.

That’s when they turned towards The Next Ad, a thoroughly experienced Facebook Marketing Partner, with a recently added Google Premier Partner accreditation, whose bread and butter is optimising digital advertising campaigns and helping create a strong digital strategy whilst strengthening customers’ online presence. Working closely together with one of The Next Ad’s Campaign Managers, Marielle Reuvers, Amsterdam Nightlife Tickets was set to take their social media strategy to the next level and beyond!

After partnering up, The Next Ad started off with the basics: conducting rigorous research and developing a clear strategy with a solid backbone structure. We managed to achieve this by combining several key components and focussing on each individual city, rather than conflating the differing strategies for each brand. Separating Amsterdam Nightlife Tickets from London and Barcelona Nightlife Tickets was the first key to this.

Combining Facebook and Google

We helped Amsterdam Nightlife Tickets create both branded and non-branded campaigns in six different languages and made sure the campaigns on both channels (Facebook and Google) strengthened each other.

Upon completing a thorough analysis we decided to adjust our keyword bids which enabled us to help Amsterdam Nightlife Tickets achieve a greater Return on Investment rate with the same CPA, allowing them to spend more than they had been before.

Another method that we helped them use frequently was the constant A/B testing on ad creatives, allowing them to gain a better understanding and insight of which types of content their target audiences respond to the most. In addition to that, we tested Responsive Search Ads.

Results showed that Facebook proved to be an excellent channel with regards to prospecting for Amsterdam Nightlife Tickets. It offered them a genuine grip on certain, relevant target audiences during relevant times and periods e.g. tourists. However, the number of conversions were even higher when the campaigns were created through Google. This experience certainly proved the strong, existing correlation between both platforms.

Reducing Costs and Increasing Clicks and Conversions

Just months into their partnership with The Next Ad, Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket started reaping the rewards of working with a Facebook Marketing Partner, allowing them to significantly increase their total Spend, which resulted in a series of impressive achievements.

So, now that we’ve told you how we helped Amsterdam Nightlife tickets , let’s have a look at what the statistics say. Because after all, the numbers don’t lie!

Since The Next Ad and Amsterdam Nightlife Tickets started working together, the first thing we asked of them was to increase their spend, which they did by 169%. In order to create, control and manage several campaigns with wide-ranging audiences, the spend had to be increased significantly in order to achieve those goals.

Continue reading, because you will soon find out why an increase in spend led to much stronger performance. Due to higher availability of funds, Amsterdam Nightlife Tickets not only managed to successfully increase their conversion rate, they also succeeded in reducing the Cost per Conversion whilst significantly increasing the number of clicks.

  • Increased the number of Clicks by 139%
  • Conversion rate saw a rise of 36%
  • 28% decrease in Cost per Conversion
  • 169% increase in Spend

We’ve loved working together with the team at Amsterdam Nightlife Tickets and we look forward to growing together and taking their social media performances to the next level by achieving some more outstanding results!

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