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Improving Inbound Marketing Efforts

About ANWB


Founded in 1883, ANWB (also known as The Royal Dutch Touring Club) is the largest travellers’ association in The Netherlands. With more than 4 million members counting on the company to help make their time on the road as enjoyable and carefree as possible, ANWB is constantly on the move. And that’s not the only thing they do, the company also offers a wide range of services within their business lines, such as legal and medical assistance, travel-related retail, recreation, leisure, and home insurance services.

In-house Social Advertising Team powered by Tech

So what led to the collaboration between ANWB and The Next Ad? 

With such an extensive and impressive portfolio it’s crucial for ANWB to maintain a clear overview of all of their online campaigns. Initially, many of their business lines followed their own Social Advertising strategies. In order to improve their control over the quality and performance of their Social campaigns, ANWB’s main objective was to get and organise all of their Social Advertising campaigns and knowledge in-house and centralised within one tool only.

By doing so, the company could collect valuable and actionable insights that would help them better understand their markets and customers. The technology, services and expertise of The Next Ad would undoubtedly serve as the perfect solution to ANWB’s challenge of achieving their goal in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Be sure to keep on reading to find out exactly how!

Technology and Expertise

The Next Ad’s Digital Marketing Consultants sat down with Marjolein Vendrig, Communications Manager at ANWB, to discuss the company’s current and desired situation, after which a custom-fit strategy was developed through the use of The Next Ad’s platform.

This included taking a critical look at ANWB’s target audiences and the allocation of their advertising budget, as well as building a full-funnel advertising strategy. Check out our blog discussing how to build the perfect funnel for your advertising strategy to learn more!

First, a campaign focused on increasing ANWB’s brand awareness and website visitors was launched. Through the use of The Next Ad’s optimisation features, the campaign managed to efficiently save on the initially-set budget! This allowed ANWB to automatically invest their budget in their best-performing audiences. 

Using the gathered data from this campaign as input to gain a deeper understanding of ANWB’s audiences and their buying behaviour, a retargeting campaign had been set-up. This was aimed at improving both ANWB’s engagement and the conversions of their qualitative leads.  

Another feature that made this partnership so successful was definitely (but not limited to!) our Ad Scheduler.

We all know it:  timing. is. everything. That’s exactly why The Next Ad’s Ad Scheduler helps ANWB determine the optimal time for their ads to be launched run in and out on pre-set times with the ease of only a few clicks.

With this all together, ANWB is well on their way to managing all of their Social Advertising activities from one platform!

Their Success in Numbers

So far, the partnership between ANWB and The Next Ad has definitely paid off very well!  Run through our platform, one of ANWB’s repeated campaigns saw a drop in both the CPC and CPA!

This clearly shows how The Next Ad’s technology can also help to optimise your existing campaigns! Check out these great results:

  • 67% decrease in CPC
  • 28% decrease in CPA
  • 11% increase in Qualified Traffic

Not only did we manage to drastically decrease ANWB’s advertising costs, but we also evidently improved the efficiency of their inbound marketing efforts.

Marjolein Vendrig: ‘’Our collaboration has brought us the exact solution we were looking for – In-house expertise for social advertising and the right tools to leverage our full potential’’.

The Start of a long-lasting Partnership!

We’re very proud of the results we’ve helped ANWB to achieve and we’re looking forward to assisting them in their quest to fully manage their social campaigns with the use of The Next Ad’s platform. 

We’re excited to see what more ANWB is able to achieve with our knowledge and technology. Up to many more successes!

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