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Innovative solutions to get the best campaign results

How Body & Fit created campaigns 400% faster

With the help of Facebook Marketing Partner The Next Ad, Body & Fit was able to scale their business easily, increase their campaign results effectively and save time in terms of efficiency and segmenting ad sets by the user-friendly workflow of The Next Ad.

Sports nutrition and healthy food

Body & Fit – A familiar address for sports nutrition and a healthy lifestyle since 1995. Working in the field of food supplements and dietary products Body & Fit has not only accumulated a wealth of experience, but also one of the largest assortments of high quality products only.

Getting the best campaign results

The most important campaign goal for Body & Fit is to get the best campaign results out of their budget. To achieve their goal, Body & Fit started using The Next Ad’s unique features like Hyper Optimisation, Lead Ads and Conditional Publishing. As a result, Body & Fit saves time by working more efficiently and has seen a massive increase in results.

"By constantly looking for the newest solutions and developments in terms of advertising, we were able to grow and scale our businessin the Netherlands and enter the market in Germany."

Dylan van der Heij, Marketing Manager

Efficient workflow & real-time support: the key to success

The Next Ad is constantly innovating their advertising investment platform to help their clients get the best results out of their campaigns. They successfully work towards automation marketing with their Hyper Optimisation solution, which automatically optimises campaigns by shifting budget between ad sets and rotating ad creatives to prevent ad fatigue. The team of The Next Ad is determined to make working with their advertising investment platform as easy as possible, for every client. With focus on the user experience of the platform and friendly real-time chat support, The Next Ad managed to save a lot of time in creating and optimising campaigns for their clients. The combination of innovative marketing automation solutions and their focus on the most efficient workflow based on clients feedback makes working with The Next Ad easy and effective.

The best results, with the least efforts

With the help of The Next Ad’s features, possibilities and advertising solutions, Body & Fit saved a significant amount of time in creating campaigns, optimising their campaigns and were able to get the best results:

  • Body & Fit is now able to create campaigns 4 times faster than before. Body & Fit saved 75% of their time because of the efficient workflow of the advertising investment solution. For example: ‘By using the power editor, we’ve spent more than 60 minutes creating a campaign, building up ad sets and creating ad creatives. Since we started using The Next Ad we spent just 20 minutes creating a complete campaign!“ – Michiel Belder, Online Marketer Body & Fit
  • Body & Fit was able to focus on each specific level of their funnel in the marketing strategy when entering new markets. The Next Ad made it possible to run conversion driven campaigns in the Netherlands and to run brand awareness campaigns in Germany, with the same ease.
  • Using The Next Ad and their Hyper Optimisation feature, which automatically shifts budget to the best performing ad sets and rotates ad creatives to get the best campaign results, Body & Fit has seen 14,000 additional results in just one week! By doing the optimisation automatically, Body & Fit saved more than 100 man-hours in a week, if they would do the same manually.
  • The Next Ad’s smart and authentic way of building ad sets, made it possible to copy & split ad sets in multiple segments in just one click. This saved Body & Fit a lot of time and enabled them to analyse which ad sets are performing the best.

"With The Next Ad’s Hyper Optimisation, we were able to get the best results possible. In addition to the high performance of our campaigns, automatic optimisation made it possible to get significant additional results. By doing the optimisation automatically, we’re able to run high quality campaigns with less efforts and the least FTE’s."

Michiel Belder, Online Marketer

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