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Performance driven marketing automation

How CLUSE decreased cost per action by 34%

CLUSE’s brand and vision is all about finding beauty in simplicity, so it’s only natural for them to collaborate with an advertising solution such as The Next Ad which also aims to simplify and streamline Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network advertising campaigns. Performance driven marketing automation for the best campaign results.

Fashionable, high quality watches

CLUSE forms part of a Netherlands-based e-Commerce group that was originally founded in 2009. During December 2014 they launched an international web shop for CLUSE and over the next 18 months grew from 10 to 1500 offline sale points. Not to mention occupying exhibits at over 15 international fashion trade shows. The growth was exponential and by the end of 2015, they saw a growth of 800%. They are focused on creating fashionable, high-quality watches for women of the millennial generation. They understand what drives their audience and therefore they are looking for the right approach to reach their audiences during every phase of the funnel.

"We try to find the perfect balance between Brand Awareness, Engagement and Performance Driven Conversion Campaigns, while maintaining our strong brand image."

Eric Harding, Sr. Online Marketer

Scale social advertising campaigns globally,while keeping CPA in check

CLUSE is constantly trying to find the perfect balance between Brand Awareness, Engagement and Performance Driven Conversion Campaigns. It’s because of this social awareness that CLUSE wanted to utilise the full potential of social media branding, advertising, engagement, and conversion. Running more than 15 different ad accounts became taxing and therefore they required an automated optimisation and advanced editing solution for their brand. The next step was to approach a partner to offer these solutions.

"We started looking for a platform that could fit our needs. A platform with solid bulk editing functionalities would reduce our manual labor significantly. Apart from this, a powerful automated goal-optimization algorithm and lastly, a flexible and ambitious partner who wants to work together with us to achieve our goals."

Eric Harding, Sr. Online Marketer

Smart optimisation algorithms

The Next Ad is specialised in the creation process of ad campaigns that run effectively, promises results and saves the company time and money through customised and optimised ad campaigns. By partnering with The Next Ad, CLUSE started using unique features such as Hyper Optimisation, offered by the The Next Ad. The Next Ad makes sure that they are constantly improving and finding new ways for their clients to embrace innovative social advertising features. They understand the importance of automation and optimisation when it comes to ad campaign conversions. When partnering with a brand, they make sure they understand all aspects of the business in order to offer the best solution. The Next Ad takes pride in building a relationship with their clients and this is evident through their real-time chat support, eagerness to improve and unique ad campaign solutions created for each client.

34% decrease in CPA compared to Ads Manager

Initially, with the requirements set for a new platform, CLUSE decided to work with two companies on a trial business and assessed their performance by running a split test, The Next Ad being one of them. The Next Ad rose to the top and quickly became their main partner. The Next Ad managed to lower their CPA with more than 40% by using the Hyper Optimisation feature, compared to roughly 20% in the other platform.

  • The Next Ad managed a 34% decrease in CPA compared to Facebook’s solution
  • And a 27% decrease in CPA compared to another Facebook Marketing Partner

Apart from their optimum performance, they found The Next Ad to be easy to use and very flexible to work with while being responsive and set on collaborating and working with the brand to reach key goals. “They will work together with you, look at your strategy and try to integrate it in their platform as good as possible”. The combined marketing efforts have resulted in increasing CLUSE sales from 0 watches two years ago, to close to 1 million watches in 2016.

"Because The Next Ad performed way better than the other platform we decided to continue solely with The Next Ad. As a result, Our CLUSE sales went from 0 watches 2 years ago to over 1 million watches in 2016 and we’re just getting started…"

Eric Harding, Sr. Online Marketer

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