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Optimising campaign relevance via Remote Audiences

De Persgroep has turned towards fully automated marketing thanks to Facebook Marketing Partner The Next Ad. Together, they could optimise campaigns in terms of relevancy using Remote Audiences, thereby saving time and money. By periodically and automatically updating data, customers could be targeted with relevant messages, bringing them one step further in the customer journey.

Passion, People and Progress

When De Persgroep was established in 1990, a set of core values were defined in order to guide the Group’s strategy. Today, these values are still extremely relevant and are summarised by De Persgroep’s five Ps: Passion, People, Power brands, Profit and Progress.

"Working with The Next Ad in combination with their support and know-how, lets us use the different targeting and advertising opportunities via Facebook. The Next Ad helps us to push our Facebook marketing strategy to a higher level in an efficient and effective way."

Carl Ringoet, Online Sales Manager

Retention & Engagement by using Remote Audiences

De Persgroep’s goal is to advertise the right message at the right time, depending on where the customer finds him/herself in the customer journey. The ultimate goal is paid subscription and high loyalty through customer satisfaction. By delivering quality content that is customer orientated, De Persgroep was able to limit the number of people dropping off.

"The biggest challenge is to communicate to specific audiences with a relevant message and in an automated way based on our own data. Working manually gives us less time to spend on setting up campaigns, and obliges us to focus more on the creation of messages. Therefore, our goal is to provide everyone with a message or offer that aligns with their particular interests."

Carl Ringoet, Online Sales Manager

Remote Audiences and Hyper Optimisation

With The Next Ad’s optimisation engine, De Persgroep could win time, both on ad set and ad level. This allowed De Persgroep to set up more campaigns and A/B test them automatically. As a result, campaigns turned out to be more relevant. Moreover, the Remote Audiences added a high value in terms of Custom Audiences. Finally, the Remote Audiences were automatically updated, making it easy to include and exclude audiences.

56% decrease in CPA

With the support of The Next Ad and their services, De Persgroep managed to lower its Cost per Action (CPA) and increase its Conversion Rate (CR) significantly. Thanks to the use of Remote Audiences, De Persgroep could reach the right segments and thus the most relevant audiences. Finally by using Hyper Optimisation, De Persgroep was able to communicate more relevant messages to its target audience, ultimately leading to more conversions.

  • The Next Ad helped to save time in campaign creation and optimisation by at least 30%
  • De Persgroep used Remote Audiences in combination with Hyper Optimisation of The Next Ad and decreased the CPA by 56%
  • On top of that managed de Persgroep together with The Next Ad to increase the Conversion Rate (CR) by 8%

"The Next Ad provides incredible support in setting up Remote Audiences, campaigns and pro-actively comes up with new opportunities. This, combined with the fact that the platform is constantly developing and improving, makes The Next Ad a preferred partner for our Facebook Advertising campaigns."

Carl Ringoet, Online Sales Manager

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