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How FÉST Effectively Used Pinterest To Capture Potential Customers

Check out FEST Amsterdam's success story to find out how the brand managed to successfully boost its online advertising performances with Pinterest Advertising.


How FÉST Effectively Used Pinterest To Capture More Potential Customers

FEST, a Dutch Furniture & Home Decor brand with an in-house design team, aims at producing furniture and accessories that consumers love today and will still love tomorrow. Looking to improve its online presence and to boost the performance of its online store, FEST turned to the online advertising specialists of The Next Ad.

And with much success – check it all out in our latest success story!


About FEST

FEST  was founded in 2013 from a personal need for well-designed furniture without the high-end prices. Owner Femke Furnée decided to fulfil this need by designing affordable furniture and home accessories herself. The brand believes in making high-end design accessible for a larger audience – challenging the traditional furniture business and themselves! 

The Impact of COVID-19 on Business

While buying furniture might not be the first thing you think of during a pandemic situation, furniture and home decor brands have rarely been more in the spotlight. As consumers are now forced to spend more time inside their houses, the desire to create more comfortable work- and living spaces has intensified as well. 

This, naturally, creates a great opportunity for furniture brands to promote their products online. For FEST, this meant speeding up the process of building a solid online presence & increasing sales by effectively generating more online traffic. 

As many consumers still prefer to go to physical stores and showrooms when buying new furniture, one of the biggest challenges of selling such items online is finding a way to work around the need for a showroom. This meant creating the best online ‘experience’ possible for potential customers looking for furniture on the internet – in all stages of the customer journey. 

Adding Pinterest To The Formula

In our pursuit to help FEST increase its online traffic and purchases, our advertising experts spotted the opportunity to promote the brand’s products on Pinterest. 

On Pinterest, users create ‘boards’ in which they plan out (pin) considered purchases. With Home Decor & Furniture being one of the biggest categories of pins on Pinterest, it’s easy to see why this was the perfect way for FEST to take its online advertising to the next level!

After successfully running Pinterest campaigns with Image- and Carousel Pins, the brand is now planning to further improve its performances by adding Dynamic Product Ad campaigns (DPA). These types of campaigns enable brands to show many different items from your feed, without actually having to create ads for every single product – saving lots of valuable time!

In combination with a full-funnel and cross-channel advertising approach in which Google and Facebook & Instagram advertising are also being used to their full potential, our team managed to help FEST yield some great results! Read on to check them out!

Hard Work Pays Off

FEST’s decision to team up with the online advertising experts of The Next Ad surely paid off well! When partnering with the team of The Next Ad, you’ll always be assured of a tailor-made strategy that accurately reflects your specific business needs and goals. But don’t just take our word for it – check out the results FEST was able to achieve with our help!

  • 50% decrease in CPC
  • 15% increase in CTR
  • 43% decrease in CPM

Phew – Those sure are some great numbers and only just the start of a successful partnership! We’re looking forward to achieving many more great successes in the future!

Do you want to leverage the full potential of advertising on Pinterest, Facebook or/and Google for your brand with the help of certified advertising specialists? If you want to speak to an expert, we’re here for you! Don’t hesitate to contact our team and let us know what we can do to help. We’ll be sure to be in touch with you quickly!

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