fbpx Seeking to achieve astonishing results for their biggest yearly campaign
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Seeking to achieve astonishing results for their biggest yearly campaign

How The Next Ad Helped Filling Pieces to Increase Sales Internationally

Seeking to achieve some astonishing results for their biggest yearly campaign, Filling Pieces decided to team up with our experts at The Next Ad to implement impressive campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google.


Their main objective was to exceed the sales of last years’ campaigns with an international, multi-channel marketing strategy – and it sure did not disappoint!

Bridging The Gap

Notoriously known by many for bridging the gap between streetwear & contemporary fashion, Filling Pieces seeks to provide the footwear market with their premium and affordable sneakers with innovative design.

Founded in 2009 by Guillaume Philibert in Amsterdam, the company continues to maintain its strong position due to its explicit focus on constant innovation. And it shows! Currently being carried by 360 retailers in more than 40 countries, Filling Pieces proves that pursuing growth through innovation is the way to go.

With one of their biggest campaigns coming up, their decision to work with The Next Ad – an experienced Facebook and Google Marketing Partner – was with much success!

Innovation and Improvement

Twice a year, Filling Pieces holds the 48-HOUR SALE campaign in which customers are able to get their hands on a limited stock of discounted footwear over the course of 2 days. In order to be notified about the exact moment the sale went live, people were able to sign up for Filling Pieces’ newsletter in the week before the actual campaign.

Considering the fact that the campaign only lasted two days, a solid plan had to be created that would bring in the best results. With a short period of time and a large international audience to be targeted, the knowledge of The Next Ad’s in-house experts and the features our platform offers were of immense value.

Looking for a way to amp up their digital advertising strategy, Filling Pieces decided to partner up with The Next Ad as a full-service client. They had a clear challenge in mind: to do better in terms of sales and signups than their previous campaigns. Our challenge? To show what The Next Ad is all about!

Their challenge is ours.

Developing an International Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

To maximise their chances of reaching potential customers, Filling Pieces leveraged The Next Ad’s ability to run multi-channel campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google. By using various touch-points and channels to connect with a broad audience, Filling Pieces would be able to provide consumers with the optimal experience of delivering their messages to the right prospects at the right time and place.

Curious to know how this was all set-up? Let’s go through it together!

The campaign consisted of two phases. The objective of the pre-phase was to drive awareness for the upcoming sale and to generate newsletter sign-ups. The live-phase was aimed at scaling sales on an international level and leading traffic to the Filling Pieces website. Put in charge to make this all happen was our Digital Marketing Consultant, Yoram Volkers and our Campaign Manager, Sara Kandou.

For the first phase, we ran several campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to build awareness for the sale. As awareness was increased, so did the search volume on Google. With this in mind, Google Search campaigns were launched to direct the increased traffic to the Filling Pieces website in order to generate leads through newsletter sign-ups.

Once the live-phase started, our team applied an international multi-channel marketing strategy in which we ran campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and all available channels on Google, such as Search, Shopping, Display & Youtube. The combination of authentic Filling Pieces content and Dynamic Ads were used to show their products to prospecting and re-targeting audiences and this enabled Filling Pieces to see some incredible results!

We found the best combination for this project to be in both expertise and technology. One of the 3 most valuable features that contributed to making the campaign a success was, among others, our Hyper Optimisation feature which automatically shifted the budgets between best-performing audiences so that conversions were maximised. Another feature that definitely deserves to be highlighted, is The Next Ad’s Automatic Booster. This feature helped to automatically boost organic social posts that were relevant to the campaign based on pre-defined triggers!

When it came down to making sure that only the most effective ad creatives were used for the campaigns, the Ad Fatigue Optimisation feature was truly indispensable! By utilising this feature, ads were turned off and on based on the performance they delivered.

Not Only Exceeding Sales!

With only a short time period to run the campaigns, our team at The Next Ad had managed to pull off amazing results. Let’s take a look at some of the numbers!

  • 55% Decrease in CPA on Social & Google
  • 137% Increase in ROAS on Social & Google
  • 78% Increase in Sales on Social & Google

Now that’s something to be proud of! Not only did The Next Ad help Filling Pieces achieve their goal, we also succeeded in decreasing CPA costs and improving the ROAS on all platforms!

The collaboration between The Next Ad and Filling Pieces as a managed client for both Social and Google turned out to be a great success, as was to be expected!

We’re looking forward to building a great relationship with Filling Pieces in which the exceedance of expectations and previously achieved results is a standard!

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