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Reaching audiences efficiently

How Heineken saved 30% of their time

With the help of Facebook Marketing Partner The Next Ad, HEINEKEN Netherlands used Hyper Optimisation to reach significant more people out of the same budget and saved a lot of time  by optimising automatically!

Open your world

Every day, every moment HEINEKEN is joining a party somewhere all over the world. HEINEKEN is the most famous beer brand in the world with more than 165 breweries in 71 countries. Heineken is founded in 1864 in the Netherlands and grow their business by increasing their portfolio with a lot of different worldwide beer brands like Heineken, Amstel, Jillz, Brand and Desperados. Besides their portfolio expansions they kept investing in their online marketing activities to reach and engage with their audiences.

More rearch, less time

The most important campaign goal for HEINEKEN Netherlands is: reaching their audiences efficiently. Together with Facebook Marketing Partner The Next Ad, they started using Hyper Optimisation. As a result, there was a massive growth in reach. The Next Ad’s Hyper Optimisation is the key to reach the best performing audiences as well as successful targeting.

"Using the right combination of social data and Hyper Optimisation, Facebook advertising provides us saving 30% in optimisation time."

Laurens Griep, Social Advertising Manager

Automation optimisation

Facebook and The Next Ad succeed in a further step towards fully-automated campaign optimisation by developing Hyper Optimisation. This feature helps advertisers to reduce manual work up to 95% while increasing reach, ROI or website conversions.

Hyper Optimisation shifts budget to the best performing audiences, select the best performing ads and rotate ads automatically to prevent ad fatigue. By default, The Next Ad will optimise a running campaign to get the best out of it, even when the advertiser is offline, The Next Ad will keep running automatically.

30% more efficient media efforts

With the help of The Next Ad’s Hyper Optimisation, HEINEKEN Netherlands significantly saved time in optimisation. As a result:

  • 30% saving in (optimisation) time by using Hyper Optimisation
  • 10-30% more efficient media efforts by using The Next Ad’s Hyper Optimisation

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