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How a Lockdown Led to An (Sudden) Explosion of Subscriptions

Check out Dplay's success story to find out how they managed to successfully boost their subscriptions with cross-channel advertising!

How a Lockdown Led to an (Unexpected) Explosion of Dplay Subscriptions

Working closely together with The Next Ad’s advertising experts, Dplay managed to successfully boost subscriptions for their online streaming service through solid cross-channel campaigns during this new staying-at-home era.


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About Dplay

Launched in The Netherlands in 2019, Dplay is the streaming platform that brings together the best of well-known channels like Discovery, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Discovery Science and the natural history collection of the BBC in one place. By depicting real life, real stories and real people, Dplay manages to effectively capture the interest of many enthusiasts in The Netherlands.

After partnering up with The Next Ad for their Google & Social advertising efforts, Dplay achieved some awesome results that are definitely worth sharing!

The Impact of COVID-19 on Business

As many people all around the world adjusted to spending more time from the comfort of their own homes, the demand for in-house entertainment has seen a tremendous increase as well. And with the production of many TV programmes on hold, or in some cases even permanently cancelled, lots of consumers have been looking forward to watching something different than the endless reruns of old series and programmes.

In comes the perfect solution: Online video-on-demand services. 

With their extensive and diverse offering in entertaining and educational programmes, Dplay’s streaming service would be the ideal fix for those craving some interesting content. All that was left to do for Dplay, was to capture the right audience at the right time and place through running effective online advertising campaigns – No problem for the experts of The Next Ad!

A Tailored Cross-Channel Approach, Backed By Powerful Optimisation

As a Facebook- and Google Marketing Partner, our team is specialised at setting up advertising strategies that are tailored to our partners’ specific objectives and potentials, while also knowing exactly how to effectively optimise campaigns in order to get the best results out of their advertising investments.

When it came to Dplay’s quest to boost subscriptions to their streaming service, our team knew just what to do to make the campaign a great success.

With the increased demand for in-house entertainment, a great opportunity for Dplay was created to promote their service to a new and larger audience with one of their pre-planned promotional deals. 

By running cross-channel campaigns on both Google and social platforms, also backed by The Next Ad’s powerful optimisation technology and reporting tools, our experts and Dplay managed to successfully capture the potential of their discount campaign.

Read on if you want to find out some of the amazing results Dplay managed to achieve!

Hitting Targets With Much Success

With the combination of the current consumer trends and the expertise of our team powered by our technology, Dplay succeeded in accomplishing some great results:

  • Effectively decreasing CPA 
  • Boosting sales successfully 
  • Decreasing CPC significantly
  • Extension of the successful discount campaign
  • Increasing advertising investments

We’re definitely looking forward to achieving many more amazing results with Dplay in the future! 

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