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Increasing Sales Through Tech and Expertise

Check out Le Olive's success story to find out they achieved some incredible results!


How The Next Ad Helped Le Olive Increase Sales Through Tech and Expertise

Striving to take their advertising performance to the next level, Le Olive partnered up with The Next Ad to act upon their desire for growth, insights and knowledge. And WOW did that work out well! Though only managing the brand’s account for a short period of time, The Next Ad’s work started to pay off tremendously!

 You’ll definitely want to check out Le Olive’s success story to find out how we managed to do this!


Le Olive Customer Success Story | The Next Ad

About Le Olive

Established in the summer of 2018 by Lena Cobelens in Amsterdam, Le Olive is known for offering customers the unique possibility to personalise trendy products, such as kimonos, robes, sleeping masks and pyjamas.

The idea behind the brand started after she spotted an opportunity in the market of personalised luxury lounge-wear after noticing the popularity of customised ‘’Mommy to Be’’ kimonos with various influencers on Instagram, but found no place to buy them.

Convinced that this type of product should be available for everyone, she decided to take it upon herself to start-up Le Olive and has been running it ever since. Fast forward to the present and the brand’s products have found much popularity as gifts for birthdays, weddings and Mommy-To-Be’s – off to a promising start!

Results Through Expert Advice

Striving to take their advertising performance to the next level, Le Olive partnered up with The Next Ad to act upon their desire for growth, insights and knowledge. The most important goal within this partnership was to increase the number of sales and reach, while building up brand awareness, through the use of social ad campaigns. 

With our many years of experience in managing social ad campaigns and with our Blueprint-certified experts, this was definitely the job for us!

Read on if you want to find out how we did it!

Personalised Advice & Effective Ad Tech

Here at The Next Ad, we place a lot of importance on constantly innovating our advertising investment tactics to ensure our clients can get the best possible results out of their campaigns. As an official Facebook Marketing Partner with Blueprint-certified professionals, Le Olive was assured of receiving top service and a strong and effective social advertising campaign!

Working closely together with one of our experts, multiple steps were undertaken to help take Le Olive’s social ad strategy to the next level. After executing a thorough analysis of the company’s performances, a tailored full-funnel advertising strategy was set up and implemented with much care. Creating an effective advertising funnel will help clients target the right audience, nurture the right potential customers and convert them more efficiently. 

While their previous social ad campaigns were primarily aimed at increasing Le Olive’s website traffic, increasing sales and reach were now the main objectives of the strategy. In addition to this, our specialists were able to provide the company with great advice regarding content creation, based on the results that were visible from the campaigns! 

While our tech offers many features that help users to optimise and automate their campaigns effortlessly, the partnership between Le Olive and The Next Ad is a great example of how the expertise and advice of our specialists made for amazing results!

Le Olive Customer Success Story | The Next Ad

Le Olive’s Success

Striving to take their advertising performance to the next level, the partnership with The Next Ad has proven to be a successful decision! With The Next Ad, you’re guaranteed an advertising strategy that specifically suits your business, instead of a one-fits-all approach that is often pursued by agencies. 

So what are these amazing results we were able to achieve? Take a look below to find out!

  • Sales increased with +1050%
  • Revenue increased with +1087%
  • CPC decreased by 88%

Those are some stunning results! 

Business During The Corona Crisis

Lots of businesses all around the world are feeling the impact of the corona crisis on their operations. Now that many people are staying indoors, we are seeing a new trend in online behaviour in which online activity has increased greatly and the eCommerce industry is experiencing explosive growth. 

At The Next Ad, we’re always committed to solve the challenges our customers are facing. That’s why, ever since the beginning of the corona crisis, our team has worked closely together with Le Olive to find the best strategic solution to continue business in this new dynamic market.

In order to set up a successful advertising strategy, we’ve researched: 

  • How the crisis affected Le Olive’s industry and markets 
  • What changes can be seen in online consumer behaviour 
  • The latest developments in key advertising metrics

After assessing these points, our experts carefully set up a specific strategy that would help Le Olive to maintain and exceed their great campaign results, even during this crisis. 

Adjusting to changes 

As a result of the new ‘indoors’ culture, the online demand for products that make staying at home more comfortable has increased significantly. Considering Le Olive’s lounge-wear fits perfectly within the staying-at-home trend, our consultants identified a number of possibilities to help Le Olive effectively promote their items to a larger audience across different markets and channels. 

As many affected businesses are decreasing their marketing budgets or halting their online campaigns altogether, huge drops in CPM and CPC have been noticed. This created a special opportunity to run more campaigns aimed at prospecting at a lower cost, in order to reach new customers for Le Olive’s brand.  

To further boost Le Olive’s online performance, our experts continuously focused on providing additional creative recommendations in regards to ad content and visuals, based on changes seen in consumer behaviour. This proved to be highly successful, as an immediate increase in sales was noticed after implementing the advice. 

Biggest achievements so far

After seeing the success of the campaigns run by our team, Le Olive opted to expand their advertising efforts with more channels and new (international markets), as well as to increase their advertising budget. 

Shortly after launching campaigns in the new markets, Le Olive managed to increase their revenue with 90%, week over week – the highest weekly revenue the company had ever achieved! And that’s not all: Within the first week of the launch, the first-ever sales were also recorded in the new markets!

In short, Le Olive managed to:

  • Successfully expand business by advertising internationally
  • Expand to new advertising channels
  • Increase revenue with 90%

Looking Ahead

The successful partnership between Le Olive and The Next Ad has already led to some incredible achievements. With our experience in setting up campaigns across different channels and for new market entries, we’ve been able to help Le Olive make some big steps! 

As this is only the beginning of a rewarding partnership with Le Olive, we’re looking forward to achieving more great results and leveraging the benefits of expanding to more channels and markets in the future!  Be sure to keep an eye out for any of our next customer success stories!

If you’d like to know more about working together with The Next Ad, be sure to check out some of our many other customer success stories on this page! If you are wondering how The Next Ad can help your business our with a tailored and scalable advertising strategy, wait no longer and contact our team here! 

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