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Saving time and improving campaign performances

How IPG Mediabrands started working in the most efficient way possible

IPG Mediabrands, Netherlands’ leading media holding, improved its results by more than 4 times in comparison to previous campaigns after partnering up with The Next Ad. Their goal after partnering up with us was to work in the most efficient in order to spend their customers’ media budgets in the best way possible, allowing them to focus on campaign strategies and innovations rather than optimisation.

IPG Mediabrands Netherlands' Quest

IPG Mediabrands Netherlands is the driving force behind various labels such as UM, Initiative, Traffic4u, bGenius, SuperDigital, Cadreon, YUNE, Magna Global, Orion, Report and IPG Marketing Sciences. While working for some of the world’s top brands, IPG Mediabrands was also looking for the next step in social advertising. The media holding partnered up with Facebook Marketing Partner The Next Ad to bring together knowledge, service and a data-driven technology, but most of all to find in them a Partner they can build on with together.

Working in the most efficient way possible

IPG Mediabrands’ goal after partnering up with a Facebook Marketing Partner was to work in the most efficient in order to spend their customers’ media budgets in the best way possible. Adopting ‘The best results, for the best price’ approach, has enabled them to focus on campaign strategies and innovations, rather than optimising campaigns. Working efficiently goes hand-in-hand with automation, cooperated innovations and by having a strategic partner to optimise different ways of working at the same time.

The Omnichannel Approach

IPG Mediabrands and The Next Ad started with the basics; the campaign structure. Both companies merged their expertise and took all of their customers’ campaigns under the loop. The first steps they made together was focussing on the campaign setup. This included the targeting, number of ad sets, settings and number of ad creatives, but most of all, also considered the greatest improvement, was finding the right combination of targeting and its exclusions.

Both parties simultaneously joined forces to focus on product innovation, helping both the media agency and its customers to scale, increase results and improve efficiency. Working together on solutions in both the development thinking stage as well as beta testing features results in incredibly unique, time-saving features.

Together we released the Automatic Page Post Booster, which enabled the marketing consultants to set triggers on page posts in order to be automatically boosted, increasing the posts’ performances. Only successful page posts get boosted automatically to make sure none other than the best performers will be reached, with no manual checks and activation needed to be made.

Furthermore, the release of the Ad Creative Library enables media agencies to save a lot of time in the creation of ad creatives on similar campaigns. This can be done by simply selecting and reusing one of the already created ad creatives and its ad group settings such as UTM tags.

But… That was just the beginning. More features are on their way. Real-time reporting dashboards, customisable upon the brand’s styling preferences will be released soon. As well as a fully unique Campaign Approval process which enables admins/ campaign publishers to check the campaigns’ settings before publishing the campaign for a running campaign without any errors or mistakes, which also have a strong impact on the campaigns’ performance. The campaign approval process offers more structure on controlling campaigns and streamlines the different departments cooperating on a specific brand.

Significant decrease in Costs

While working together, the partners have witnessed an incredible improvement in results. The media holding was able to spend the media budgets in the best way possible and achieved 24 times more results on Facebook, using the same budgets. The results went through the roof, as IPG Netherlands had never has seen such an increase in results, until they started using the right technology to help them.

They also manage to decrease their Cost per Lead by 73%, resulting in 4 times more increased leads. Their Cost per Page Like also went down significantly, by 88%, leading to the Page getting 8x as many Likes as before. IPG also experienced a 50% reduction in time spent on Ads Creation, thanks to the Ad Creative Library. Finally, a strong increase of 61% was registered for unique reach!

"As a media holding, we work with in-house experts for many different brands, in order to obtain the best exposure and results from (online) marketing activities. The Next Ad has this same mission, but then in the field of Advertising Technology. In order to achieve these results, it is important to use the right, smart technology for, among other things, optimisation possibilities, but also to help us optimise the strategy and utterances using A/B and multivariate testing."

Richard Smoorenburg, Chief Digital Officer

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