fbpx Complete and actionable insights on social media performances

Complete and actionable insights on social media performances

The Kinepolis Group is a Belgian cinema chain founded in 1997 following the merger of two family cinema groups, Bert and Claeys. The Kinepolis Group has a chain of 49 cinemas spread across Belgium, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Poland and the Netherlands. Dominating the cinema scene in Belgium, it has started to steadily expand its operations in the Netherlands, with 17 different Kinepolis locations already set up across the country. 


The Next Ad & Kinepolis

Kinepolis officially started its cooperation on social advertising with The Next Ad in November last year. Initially, one of Kinepolis’ main issues was that it lacked a coherent strategy for its social campaigns, which was something that needed to be addressed as soon as possible. After conducting their first set of meetings together, Kinepolis and The Next Ad decided to start working on the set up of a brand new social media strategy. 


In order to always remain on the same wavelength, Kinepolis’ Digital Marketer worked hand in hand with The Next Ad’s Services Team, enabling both sides to be consistently aligned with each other’s plans and preventing any miscommunication or confusion. This ensured a smooth workflow and relationship that set the tone for any future cooperation.


After rolling out Kinepolis’ new strategy, we ran some tests with them in order to determine what the early results were shaping up to. Initial results appeared to be quite successful which served to motivate both sides in continuing this efficient relationship between both sides. 


One of the first successful results that we noticed was managing to reduce Kinepolis’ Cost per People Reached, which allowed them to reach more qualitative prospects during their campaigns. This way, we also managed to increase traffic to their website, which also led to an increase in conversions.


The Next Ad Analytics

Kinepolis really loved using The Next Ad Analytics, The Next Ad’s new, visual way of reviewing the performances of all the campaigns that customers are managing within our application. Thanks to this reporting software, Kinepolis was able to use the user-friendly, dashboards of The Next Ad to benchmark their data in the most efficient way possible and customise templates according to their personal preferences. It also enabled them to monitor and control their campaign performances in a clear and visual manner.

Some Impressive Figures…

Here are some statistics and figures that will help you better understand the results that we achieved with Kinepolis. 


  • Spend: 33% increase
  • Link Clicks: 99,09% increase
  • CPC (Cost per Click): 33% decrease
  • CTR (Click-Through Rate): 106% increase
  • 10-sec Video Views: 68% increase
  • Cost per 10-sec Video View: 20% decrease
  • Purchases: 371% increase
  • CPA (Cost per Action): 71% decrease

Without a shadow of a doubt, these are some very solid stats, proving just how effective the working relationship between The Next Ad and Kinepolis really has been, and we’ve only just begun! These figures have been measured over a 3 month period and were compared with the results of 3 months preceding it. 


Media Injection & Kinepolis

In addition to using The Next Ad’s services, Kinepolis also signed up with Media Injection and were delighted with the initial results that the Media Injection’s publishing tools generated for them. More specifically, Media Injection’s Content Calendar proved to be highly useful for Kinepolis as it helped them in planning and scheduling their future content for all their social media pages from one, all-inclusive platform.


Kinepolis also thoroughly enjoyed using Media Injection’s Statistics Dashboard which allowed them to gain a complete and comprehensive overview of their social media performances across all channels and drawing up learnings from previous and existing campaigns. 

Finally, Kinepolis started investing more time in webcare due to their access to Media Injection’s Conversation Dashboard which enabled them to spot every single incoming message or mention on social media without exception. This also helped reduce significant amounts of time waste which used to be spent on monitoring every single message Kinepolis received on social media individually.


Our experts also advised Kinepolis to start using participating in ‘fun webcare’ that would help drive engagement and increase its brand awareness. And there was no better platform to do this from than Media Injection’s Conversation Dashboard! 


Kinepolis Brands and Opportunities

In the past, all of Kinepolis’ local theatres used to take care of their social advertising themselves, with different campaigns set up for each branch. However, upon consulting The Next Ad, Kinepolis felt the time was right to merge all of Kinepolis’ social strategies and campaigns under one common brand.


Kinepolis Nederland has been so pleased with the results they’ve achieved with us in such a short space of time that they have already started considering the possibility of expanding their cooperation with The Next Ad in the near future.


We are also working towards aligning all Kinepolis’ offerings both online and in-store. This means that if we are pushing a Kinepolis product online, eg. Laser Ultra, the product or service should be visible and available in the cinema itself as well as on the website. Aligning these two together creates more clarity and consistency for their customers.


By working alongside Kinepolis, we managed to remove a lot of weight off their shoulders as our expertise in social media advertising proved to be crucial towards their success. Considering the fact that we’ve only been working together for a couple of months, the future certainly looks bright and promising. By helping them gain a better understanding and providing the necessary tools to allow them to analyse their past and current performances, Kinepolis had access to crucial insights that allowed them to take their social media strategies to the next level and beyond! 


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