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How The Next Ad Helped La Place Increase Efficiency & Reduce Costs

The partnership between The Next Ad and La Place stretches back a number of years as they have worked together on dozens of campaigns during that period, delivering favourable and profitable results on a consistent basis. And boy have we got some awesome performances and insights to look back at!

About La Place

La Place is widely considered to be the #1 foodservice brand in the Netherlands. Found over 30 years ago in Utrecht, La Place restaurants offer a large variety of natural, fresh and homemade products that are very appealing to those who are more health-conscious than others. Examples include hand-pressed juices & smoothies, healthy salads and home-made sandwiches. Today, La Place serves millions of customers a year, in more than 100 restaurants.

La Place branches can be found throughout the Netherlands in various locations including shopping centers, stops along the highways and high-traffic locations such as airports and railway stations. Depending on the venue, the restaurants offered by La Place differ, ranging from small non-seated take-aways to large restaurants with extensive seating and tables.

Developing a clear and efficient social strategy

La Place’s quest to reach more relevant audiences and further improve their social advertising performances brought them to the Digital Experts at The Next Ad. La Place believed that the team at The Next Ad would be the right choice in helping them invest in their campaigns in a more efficient manner, reducing unnecessary costs and helping them attract more traffic to their app and website, whilst increasing the conversion rate.

Initially, one of the first steps the two parties agreed on was placing more focus on geo-targeting campaigns at specific locations around the Netherlands. Nowadays, this same targeting strategy is being employed and with newer content after La Place underwent a thorough rebranding process.

In fact, the geo-targeting strategy has now become so narrowly focused that it has allowed La Place to reach people when they are within one kilometre of a La Place branch. For example, people driving near a department store or on a highway, especially near an exit, may have noticed that they were being targeted by the La Place branch that is near them.

This clever strategy can help remind consumers that La Place is just around the corner and effective content may even persuade them to stop by and grab a bite or a fresh smoothie. Furthermore, the content was tailored to each specific restaurant so that viewers could see if there were any special offers or deals for that particular branch.

In addition to narrow-focused geo-targeting, The Next Ad and La Place decided to engage in broad targeting as well, allowing them to target consumers around the country through a variety of social campaigns. Maintaining a balance between narrow and broad-focused targeting was key to reaching relevant audiences at the right time.

The Next Ad's Awesome Tools

In order to try and obtain the best possible results from their social advertising campaigns, La Place leverage some of The Next Ad’s highly useful tools with the view of optimising their performances in the most effective way possible.

La Place found The Next Ad’s Ad Scheduling feature particularly efficient and helpful as it allowed them to schedule specific ads & campaigns that included day deals and special offers without having to switch them off manually. Furthermore, it also spared them the effort of publishing some campaigns during the weekends or holidays as it allowed them to set up the ad preparations ahead of time whilst our technologically advanced software did the rest.

Another one of our features that La Place enjoyed using was The Next Ad Analytics. We’re actually not sure if there’s a customer or partner out there that doesn’t enjoy using this state-of-the-art reporting dashboard!

The Next Ad Analytics helped La Place save significant amounts of time by presenting them with a visually clear and efficient dashboard that helped them benchmark their data with ease, whilst also displaying a clear overview of what has been spent and how each campaign has performed. Our pre-built customisable templates were crucial in offering the team at La Place a way to monitor their campaigns’ key performance indicators and draw up crucial learnings that can be applied for future campaigns.

Finally, by employing The Next Ad’s Spend-Based Ad Rotation feature, La Place was able to ensure that enough was spent on each ad in their campaign, ensuring that conclusive and precise learnings and insights could be made from these ads’ performances.

Media Injection's Social Media Management Tools

Aside from using The Next Ad’s Social Ad Tech solutions, La Place also looked to Media Injection for its Social Media Management software. By combining their usage of The Next Ad & Media Injection, La Place was able to get the best out of both worlds. Here’s how.

Media Injection’s message scheduling feature helped La Place manage all of their future content. This easy-to-use feature was vital in allowing them to schedule several posts over a period of time. All of their previously posted content, as well as their planned content for the future, would appear in their personal Content Calendar, ensuring a clear, visual and inclusive overview consisting of past and future content. On top of that, Media Injection’s Insight section provided La Place with some key learnings with regards to what the best time and day is for posting content.

Some Eye-Catching Results

Here are a few statistics and figures that may help you better understand the results that we achieved with La Place.

  • CPM: Decreased by 86%
  • Cost per 1000 People Reached: Decreased by 75%
  • CPC (Instagram Stories): Decreased by 74%

Without a shadow of a doubt, these are some very solid stats, proving just how effective the working relationship between The Next Ad and La Place really has been!

By teaming up with La Place, we’ve succeeded in managing to take a lot of weight off their shoulders as our recognised expertise in social media technology & advertising proved to be crucial towards their success and reduction in overall costs.

By helping them gain a better understanding and providing them with the necessary ad tech solutions and tools, La Place was able to take their social media strategies to the next level and beyond!

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