fbpx Using automatic ad rotation to find the best performing ads
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Using automatic ad rotation to find the best performing ads

How Loavies Increased Its Sales on Facebook & Instagram by 927%

Within only 3 years, Loavies created an online multi-brand store that ships worldwide. Having succeeded in the Dutch market, Loavies’ main challenge was to keep growing its sales amidst the increasing competition. The objective was to keep growing, expanding internationally and finding the right content to advertise at the right time to the right audience on both Facebook & Instagram.

If you can't stop thinking about it, buy it

Loavies is a Dutch-based international brand & private label. The online fashion store is filled with items inspired by trends seen on catwalks and fashion bloggers. Loavies rapidly created a large fan base of fashion-minded women all over the world. Loavies offers fashion that gives women the chance to create and develop their own unique style.

Driving sales by high quality content

The main objective of Loavies was to drive sales by using high quality content. The aim was to connect with the Facebook & Instagram community and to create the right content, at the right time, to the right audience.

"With all the competition out there, it's getting harder to keep growing as fast as we did. That's why we started working with The Next Ad. They are helping us to set up a perfect sales funnel that will be used as a template we can use also for other countries when scaling up our business internationally. The Next Ad takes our business challenges seriously and thinks with us together, building features we need in order to be successful."

Jorn van Klooster, Founder & Co-owner

Rotating ads at all times, automatically

To face the challenge of driving sales with the right content and the right platform, Loavies turned to The Next Ad. Thanks to The Next Ad’s automatic ad rotation, Loavies was able to rotate all ads towards the best performing audiences at all times. This way, Loavies discovered that carousel ads are in fact performing best on customers that have already been on their website, whereas slideshows and links ads worked best on audiences that have never engaged with Loavies before.

Increasing sales by 927%

Within only three months working with The Next Ad and its managed service, Loavies could yield some amazing results on Facebook & Instagram combined. Thanks to the managed service, experts from The Next Ad tweaked campaigns continuously, ultimately yielding the following results:

  • 927% increase in monthly social sales
  • 25% increase in return on ad spend

"The three layers of The Next Ad's Funnel Management are so unique in terms of content, targeting and the average cost per purchase that it allowed us to tweak our campaigns in such a way that we can reach our optimal sweet spot in every layer of the funnel and in every individual country."

Jorn van Klooster, Founder & Co-owner

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