fbpx Within only 10 days of using The Next Ad, more than 22 sign-ups of committed volunteers
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Within only 10 days of using The Next Ad, more than 22 sign-ups of committed volunteers

The Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds’ challenge was to reach out to volunteers and convince them to help out at one of the many Ronald McDonald Houses. Having had the challenge to fully fund its own projects, the Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds reached out to The Next Ad. Together, they could simplify and streamline its online campaigns, attracting numerous volunteers in no time. Through this performance driven marketing automation, the Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds was able to attract more volunteers than initially expected, which is vital for the organisation’s existence, survival and ultimately success.

Keeping families close

Since 30 years, Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds ensures that sick children and their parents can stay close together. They make this possible by offering thirteen Ronald McDonald Houses located next to hospitals, twelve livingrooms within hospitals and three holiday houses where children with disabilities or long term illnesses can enjoy a wonderful holiday with their families. The Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds doesn’t receive subsidies and purely depends on donors, sponsors and 1,800 volunteers.

Recruit volunteers and raise brand awareness

The aim of their campaign was to recruit volunteers for three Ronald McDonald Houses, namely AMC Amsterdam, VUmc Amsterdam and Maastricht. Not only did they want to find motivated volunteers but also create brand awareness by making clear that Ronald McDonald Houses are dependent on the efforts of volunteers and simply cannot do without. The Maastricht House faced several challenges: The Maastricht House was lacking staff and needed at least 20 additional volunteers to run different shifts. Moreover, both houses in Amsterdam needed more staff to work during the day and evening as well as the weekends. Recruiting volunteers via their own Facebook page and regional newspapers no longer seemed to work.

"Facebook advertising is an incredibly convenient way to reach out to new volunteers at a low cost, achieving high returns at a high speed. In fact, we have never achieved such results by any other means or channels."

Sandra van Waart, Online Manager

Smart, automatic optimisation

To face the challenge of finding and ultimately recruiting potential volunteers, the Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds turned to The Next Ad. The real-time dashboard and personal guidance made setting up ads not only easy but also fun. Within no time, the company was able to shift the most important graphs and figures and let its budget optimise automatically, based on the best scoring audiences and ads.

>225 new sign ups within less than 10 days

Within 10 days the Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds was able to recruit more than 225 new volunteers for three Ronald McDonald Houses. The conversion rate went above the company’s expectations: 83 volunteers were eager to work at the Ronald McDonald House in Maastricht even though only 20 volunteers were needed. Funnily enough, the advertising period had to be stopped sooner than expected as the demand was untamable.

  • 415% more sign ups for Maastricht
  • >225 new sign ups within less than 10 days
  • 40% of the sign ups between the 20 and 30 years old, thanks to specific targeting options

"Thanks to The Next Ad, we took the most out of the campaign. We reached 40% new sign ups, most of which were young volunteers aged between 20 and 30. It’s nice to see that we could reach them through this channel, that they made time to volunteer and be there to keep families close. I can no longer imagine doing online advertising in a different way. Thanks to The Next Ad, we could find enough volunteers for the two other houses. This cooperation with The Next Ad will continue, since we cannot do without volunteers."

Sandra van Waart, Online Manager

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