fbpx Increasing Sales by 67% after just one month of partnering with The Next Ad
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Increasing Sales by 67% after just one month of partnering with The Next Ad

How Sapje Boosted Its Traffic & Sales

Only a few months ago started Sapje running advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. In no time, the results went way above their expectations.
Sapje’s company goals are to grow and become big in a supplier of healthy juices, which will be sold via a webshop and distributed to retailers, restaurant and the consumer fresh and fast. After just one month of campaigning, they started seeing great results.

100% Biological, pure & RAW

Sapje’s ultimate dream is to make as many people as possible – young and old – more aware of the power of healthy food and the functioning of their own body. They want to make people aware of their food choices and of the richness and variety of organic, local and seasonal products. They offer fresh, organic, slow-juiced beverages that only contain natural ingredients, usually consisting of 85% vegetables and 15% fruits as well as other herbs and spices.

Driving traffic & conversions by reaching the right audiences

The advertising goal of Sapje stands out of two elements to be Brand Awareness and Traffic to generate Conversions. Sapje aimed to increase Traffic to their Website in order to increase Conversions by reaching the right audiences. Being a performance driven platform and working with a team with expert knowledge on campaign management, The Next Ad was the partner to go to.

Finding the best performing ad sets & Rotating ads automatically

To face the challenge of driving Trafic and Conversions with the best performing ad sets, Sapje partnered up with The Next Ad. Together they focused on the creation of a performance campaign strategy and approach that would get the best results for Sapje.

The team of Managed Services started working with Sapje and started with the most important elements in the first place, containing the set up of the Pixel in the right way, to be able to optimise on KPI’s using Hyper Optimisation.

The Next Ad managed to find the best performing ad sets, optimised campaigns based on custom KPI’s via Hyper Optimisation and used the automatic ad rotation in order to show the right audience, the right content, for the best price.

Increasing sales by 67%

Trusted in the team of The Next Ad and its Technology, Sapje was able to reach stunning results within only one month working with The Next Ad’s Managed Service:

  • 67% Increase in Sales
  • 20% Increase in Budget thanks to an increase in ROI
  • 40% lower Cost per Purchase thanks to the right targeting and ad optimisation

Freemium plan

Easy set-up

No expertise required

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