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How Takeaway.com got 25% better campaign results

By partnering with Facebook Marketing Partner The Next Ad, Takeaway.com have spent 90% less time on campaign optimisation by using The Next Ad’s Hyper Optimisation to optimise their running campaigns automatically to get the best out of it.

Leading in food orders

Takeaway.com is one of the leading food order sites in the world. It all began at a party in 2000 and now extends beyond the Netherlands! Takeaway.com is a dynamic and casual company that is still growing. Each day, dozens of changes occur that call for an agile response. This means quickly changing gears between the various offices and departments. A great deal of effort is made every day not only to maintain Takeaway.com’s position in the various countries, but also to reinforce it.

Save time by optimising running campaigns

With millions of orders and customers, there is a lot of work to do. For our global advertising strategy and hundreds of campaigns, it is necessary to get the most out of our budget in the most user-friendly way.

"Our focus is to innovate our service into mobile-first and reach people while they are, for example, driving home. Facebook advertising drives us closer to the right audience at the right time."

Daan ter Haar

Partnering up

To work with a user-friendly tool, Takeaway.com partneredup with Facebook Marketing Partner The Next Ad. Takeaway.com is a brand with a broad appeal, and so is its target audience. With so many people to reach and a diverse product range to promote, Hyper Optimisation is the only solution to automatically optimise the ad buying process. By using The Next Ad’s Hyper Optimisation the number one food-order site optimizes its campaigns automatically with just one click before the campaign is published. Budget is shifted to the best performing audiences and the best performing ad creative is selected automatically to get the best out of their budget.

"By using The Next Ad we've reached great results. 25% better results for our campaigns in comparison to our advertising strategy before. We’re able to get the best results out of our budget and on top of that our workflow has been simplified a lot. Thanks to The Next Ad's automatic optimisation, our budget is shifted automatically to the best performing audience to get the best out of our campaigns."

Daan ter Haar

Innovate constantly

Using The Next Ad’s Facebook & Instagram advertising platform with the automated optimisation feature, Takeaway.com received 25% better campaign results. On top of that, their workflow has improved a lot to be able to focus on the future.

  • 25% better campaign results
  • 90% less time spent on campaign optimisation

"We innovate constantly to be one step ahead of our competitors. We searched for a Facebook Marketing Partner who is as fond of innovationas we are and decided to partner up with The Next Ad. They constantly improve and innovate their platform."

Daan ter Haar

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