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Increased Webcare efficiency

Webcare of 7 countries all managed in one platform

Transavia’s main goal is to answer all the comments and questions customers send them on social media with a quick response time. With over 10,000 thousand messages coming in on a weekly base, it is important for them to keep customer service high and make their

brand stronger.

Most accessible budget airline in Europe

Transavia is the most accessible budget airline in Europe and is leading the way in hospitality, service and digital services. They offer an attractive basic ticket price for both leisure and business travelers, with additional (paid) products and services. Transavia carries 10 million passengers a year and operates with a young and environmentallyfriendly fleet.

Keep Customer Service high & Make their Brand Stronger

The challenge of Transavia stood out of 3 main topics. The first challenge was to manage the webcare from 7 countries (NL, FR, DE, UK, IT, SP, PT) , managed by webcare teams, all in one social media management platform. Their goal was to maintain a high level of service in a highly efficient way including as minimal efforts from their agents as possible. On top of taking care of the webcare via one platform, Transavia was also looking for a platform that provides them a dashboard to monitor all the social media activities on both country and brand level, to be able to monitor the impact of social media on their brand in different countries. Finally, Transavia was looking for a partner that could simplify the way they managed the scheduling process of organic social media content. They were looking for one overview of content from all countries, a solution for posts created by external parties and a solution to schedule on multiple social media channels at one time.

Customised dashboards to increase efficiency of webcare agents

To solve the challenge of one overview of the organic content and the creation part by external parties, Transavia could use the Content Calendar of Media Injection. With the use of different projects for each country, they could get an easy overview of posts scheduled per country. With the use of different user rights, external parties could get access to only the scheduling functionality of the platform to quickly create posts.

The Conversation Dashboard enabled agents to easily manage webcare. With the use of filters we could set up a personal desktop for each agent focusing on the languages or message types that they were managing. Once this was running we looked into how we could save an agent time in the process of answering a message. If something took them three clicks we figured out ways to reduce it to one. For one agent it would save them a second but in taking that over all the agents it lowered their average response time with minutes.

The Monitoring of all social media activities was tackled by creating weekly and monthly reports, managed by us. We also analyzed why numbers raised and/or declined to help them improve the social media strategy.

5 Years of working together on highly efficient Social Media Management and Webcare for 7 countries in 1 platform

Since the start of our collaboration in 2013, Transavia and Media Injection have been working closely together on platform innovations resulting in a strong relationship. There’s a trust between both parties that goes beyond the functions of our platform which is about expertise. We know them, the company and the employees and they know us. We always look beyond our platform, keep Transavia’s goal in mind and think of how we can support them in taking next steps in social media marketing whether that is on web care level or content planning.

Out of their 250 users we know exactly who are content planners, who we have to reach out to with regards to the numbers or who the webcare agents are. We proactively reach out to the right contact whether it is about a new feature or update.

Transavia has trust in Media Injection that they are not only there to help them with a question about a function, but that they really think with them about how they can get the maximum use out of our platform, what their goals are and where they want to grow to in the future.

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