fbpx How The Next Ad Helped TW Steel Achieve Digital Transformation

How The Next Ad Helped TW Steel Achieve Digital Transformation

How The Next Ad Helped TW Steel Achieve Digital Transformation

In recent years, TW Steel has worked very hard in order to create a strong brand reputation that only delivers quality products of the highest standards. After succeeding in achieving this feat, the next step was increasing their digital presence as they sought to increase their web traffic, conversions and social engagement. Therefore, TW Steel’s primary objective was to make the transformation from a retail-focused organisation to a more online and digital one. That’s where they turned to The Next Ad and Media Injection for help in both social advertising optimisation as well as social media and community management. This is their story.

Dutch by design, TW Steel is a global brand that creates and produces watches in accordance with the highest Swiss quality standards. Founded in 2005 by father and son; Ton and Jordy Cobelens, the company has grown immensely in recent years as they have become famous for their oversized watches which are delivered free of charge across the globe. Born in the Netherlands, TW Steel products can now be found in over 5000 retail outlets, spread across more than 100 countries. TW Steel’s consistent and continuous innovation and hunger for success shows there’s always a desire for more, so The Next Ad, Media Injection & TW Steel sat down together to see what they could do in order to turn that into a reality.

As has already been mentioned, TW Steel’s main goal was completing the digital transformation that the company required in order to build on the magnificent successes already achieved since it was founded nearly 14 years ago.

Enter The Next Ad, a social advertising platform focused on delivering highly efficient and effective social ad campaigns, and Media Injection, a social media management platform focused on improving the efficacy of publishing, monitoring, engaging and scheduling content for all social media channels from one all-inclusive platform.

Before partnering up with Facebook Marketing Partners, The Next Ad and Media Injection, TW Steel leveraged full-service marketing/advertising agencies for their digital strategies. However, this proved to be a process that wasn’t delivering the best results, so they turned to The Next Ad, a team of specialised social and digital experts who were able to offer more individual and personal help than TW Steel had ever been used to. Due to this immediately smooth and effective relationship, TW Steel’s first campaign already witnessed some magnificent results.

TW Steel was very pleased with The Next Ad’s working methods, and leveraged the fact that The Next Ad places its clients’ needs and desires under its focus. They especially loved working with The Next Ad’s youthful, yet experienced and energetic, yet composed team. In a way, TW Steel indirectly felt that The Next Ad had become a partial extension of its company as the communication and cooperation between both sides went particularly smoothly at all times.

TW Steel also loved what Media Injection had to offer as it helped them monitor every single incoming message through the multi-functional conversation dashboard, as well as the ease and efficiency in scheduling and publishing content for a variety of social channels from one single platform.

The successful watch company wanted to keep up with the times that has seen the overwhelming majority of consumers turn to online shopping in recent years. Furthermore, TW Steel also recognised an excellent opportunity to increase and strengthen their online exposure, which would help the company increase their sales even more.

The first campaign that The Next Ad and TW Steel ran together was an instant hit! These successful results led to TW Steel committing to The Next Ad and announcing the start of a long-term partnership.

Due to the incredibly positive results that were achieved in the first campaign, TW Steel had little doubt about their next move: More social, more digital, more results! At present, all of TW Steel’s promotions are created digitally, in combination with physical sponsorships such as Dakar and with the cooperation of brand ambassadors and influencers.

TW Steel also leveraged The Next Ad’s advertising automation and optimisation technologies for underperforming markets in order to give them a slight boost in terms of retail sales and online engagement. This resulted in the successful revival of globally dormant markets that instantly started witnessing a significant improvement in their results. And that is the true power of social advertising, when implemented correctly.

Furthermore, digitally transforming their operations and increasing their social presence also enabled TW Steel to obtain plenty of crucial information, insights and data. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Inspiration and insights for innovative product lines, granting advertisers the opportunity to truly test out what does and doesn’t work for certain product collections.
  • Key insights into consumer needs and desires, allowing TW Steel to make an educated and informed decision when proceeding to the next step.
  • Improving engagement with customers and shortening response time, enabling TW Steel to find out exactly what it is that consumers are asking for

By partnering up with TW Steel, we helped take a weight off their shoulders as our expertise in social media advertising and social media management proved to be vital towards their success and reaching their digital transformation.

Furthermore, The Next Ad recently became an official Google Partner, which has enabled its digital experts to help TW Steel out in managing their extensive Google Ads campaigns.

Overall, The Next Ad and Media Injection helped TW Steel develop a better understanding about how to successfully manage the full scope of digital transformation, whilst providing the necessary tools to allow them to increase and optimise their online social presence. During our cooperation, TW steel benefited from the insights we helped them create, enabling them to take their social media strategies to the next level and beyond! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working together with the team at TW Steel and we look forward to growing together and progressing in their quest for efficient digital transformation!

And if you’re a lover of the RTL Z business documentary ‘How It’s Done’ then you’ll want to check out this special episode…. featuring The Next Ad & TW Steel! If you missed our television appearance, you can still re-watch the episode here on RTL XL.

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